Image by Garrhet Sampson


We love to hustle, life is about the tests and the journey, each no matter how insignificant they appear are preparing us for something.... it took me quite some time to learn this lesson.  I often laugh with God as he tends to remind me daily.  Looking back I now see that in my tougher times, I spent my life living for self.. mine, mine, mine.  Truth, even when I was helping someone, the motivation was my own ego; how others viewed me.  

In recent years, I've learned that God was always there, nudging me, testing me and with more grace and love than I deserve.. surely more than I provided others.

I feel as though I've been called to God Given Gear; an intersection of my passion, helping those to achieve what they thought was beyond reach, and our purpose; reminding me that doing so is not about me.  We hustle, fight, nudge even push, while loving one another.

My hope is that God Given Gear serves as an inspiration, a daily reminder to you and others, of God's wish for us.  Use and share your many blessings daily to improve the World.  Above all, do it in His name.